Can We Create DPC Debit Cards Already?

This was brought to my attention from a fellow DPC doctor:

Beginning in November, about 2,000 low-income families will be given $200 to $400 a month, money that can be used for anything from food to paying bills. The trial, with $3 million in seed money and set to run for four months at first, is a version of the universal basic income concept that has long been debated, tested in small measures, but not implemented by any country. Tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang made it a plank of his brief presidential campaign.

The Chelsea pilot may seem like a simple way to support families living on the brink during the pandemic, but the social experiment could have broader implications — perhaps shedding light on the argument over whether giving money away without conditions encourages poor people to quit their jobs or spend it unwisely, or empowers them to make decisions to break the cycle of poverty.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if these families were allowed to use this for a Direct Primary Care membership? I can guarantee that the majority of them would get better care than they are getting now. I am NOT saying DPC doctors are better doctors. I am saying they have fewer patients and have more time to give each to one of them. Whether you are working on a car, sorting mail or even shaving, more time usually has a better outcome.

Feel free to disagree with me and leave your comments below.

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