This is how we make a country go bankrupt….

You may criticize the dollar number I used for this cartoon as too high.  The number being tossed around is $56K per year.  The problem is, this does not factor in the frequent MRI scans needed to monitor possible brain swelling on the drug.

Brain swelling?  Ouch.  Just to say that phrase gives me a headache.

What about infusion center fees?

Will the drug price go up higher after a year?

Add it all up and I bet $100k per year is a better estimate.

The potential here for a tidal wave of demand is depressing.

Imagine all of your patients who notice memory problems as they hit Medicare age!  It’s easier to count the ones who DON’T have memory problems.  How many of them will frantically demand the drug?How easily will you be able to stop them?

Imagine the advertising campaigns on CNN, Fox News, The Weather Channel, etc.  Everyone is going to want this drug!

We are turning common diseases into bank-breaking illnesses.  Diabetes has become awesomely expensive.  Cancer has turned into a chronic illness, costing tens of thousands of dollars per month.  Now, we can add Alzheimer’s Disease (and that’s before you add in costs of long-term care).

How do we get control of this?

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438610cookie-checkThis is how we make a country go bankrupt….