Radiology Assistants, Welcome to the Party!

You didn’t know RRAs or registered radiology assistants were a thing? C’mon, get with the times. Remember, they are ALWAYS trying to replace doctors. ALWAYS. Those in charge only care about money. Doctors cost more and so they need to be pruned. The beauty is that it is happening everywhere and to every specialty. The sad thing is seeing how some doctors get fooled and think a midlevel LELT will help them. It won’t. But, alas, we have to go through the same steps again. Here is the American College of Radiology on Radiology Assistants:

The American College of Radiology just recently announced it will remain neutral (at least for now) on the Medicare Access to Radiology Care Act, introduced in the U.S. Senate in August. MARCA, as it’s called for short, would ensure reimbursement to practices or departments for registered radiologist assistants’ services (not pay RRAs directly) in all healthcare settings and free physicians to focus on complex or urgent interpretation needs, supporters argue.

Haven’t we seen this story before? It’s deja vu all over again. See the key words and phrases above?

  • Ensure reimbursement
  • Not pay RRAs directly
  • Free physicians to focus on complex and urgent interpretation needs

It’s laughable, really. We will keep this post up for years to come to refer to when things go bad.
And they will.

Until then, let’s all welcome RADIOLOGY ASSISTANTS to the party of poor patient care!

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