Ramblings by Aaron Levine MD


Anthem purchases Cigna, and Aetna buys Humana. We have the big three left. The younger readers may not recall the days of the Clinton Health program which believed in managed competition. This was to be a reduction of the number of health insurance companies to control redundancy and therefore costs. Prudential, Travelers, The Hartford and…

That’s No Fire, Just a Vacant Lot by Pat Conrad MD


7/13/15: Pres. Obama said in his press conference that Medicare is not in “crisis.” From U.S. News & World Report: “As Medicare enrollment numbers have climbed, the costs have as well. In 1967, the program’s first full year of operations, Medicare spending was $4.6 billion; in 2014, it reached nearly $600 billion, or 14 percent…

Back In The Day by Steve Vaughn MD, PhD


It is fifty years since the Supreme Court took on the privacy of citizens, married couples and their physicians in GRISWOLD ET AL. v. CONNECTICUT It may be surprising to many readers that in 1965, the purchase and use of contraceptives by married couples was illegal in Connecticut and many other States. That may be…

Texas Likes Them Some Direct Primary Care

I have said that the AAFP cannot really push for Direct Primary Care because it stands against everything DPC is.  Texas, being such an independent state, makes this video interesting.  This is going to be interesting.  A George divided against itself cannot stand.

Fixing Healthcare by Steve Mussey MD


How do we fix our expensive, inefficient, administrator heavy health system? Let’s try Capitalism! Free market forces. Efficiencies! Excessive testing so facilities can maximize profits! Advertising to get patients to demand expensive drugs they don’t need! Insurance to blunt the financial impact of medical choices! Selling procedures to make money rather than help patients! Okay…..…

It Still Ain’t a Cat by Pat Conrad MD


A few months back I wrote a short piece on the transgender craze sweeping an ESPY’d nation, and came in for some sharp barbs regarding my lack of sensitivity and empathy for patients seeking to self-mutilate. Last week in the rush to laud Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner for the courage to publicly cross-dress, self-mutilate, and traumatize his/her…

Freedom is Obedience by Steve Vaughn MD, PhD


Freedom is obedience. Orwell, writing in a more heavy-handed time, wrote that freedom is slavery. Perhaps that was a time for using hard-edged words that clearly mean what they say. Nowadays, it goes down smoother to use more politically suave words that do not run the risk of awakening the reader’s attention too much. The…