Medicine by Smartphone by Stella Fitzgibbons MD


Yeah, I still keep some handy texts in the car or office, and I have some favorite websites I consult when a patient blindsides me with a history of moyamoya disease or autoimmune myelopathy. But whether I’m covering inpatients, helping at the clinic or getting called to the ER, I am profoundly grateful for my…

Quote of the Week


“Remember that you are unique. If that is not fulfilled, then something wonderful has been lost.” Martha Graham An American modern dancer and choreographer whose influence on dance has been compared with the influence Picasso had on the modern visual arts, Stravinsky had on music, or Frank Lloyd Wright had on architecture Tweet

Do What You Love by Pat Conrad MD

Gang Bang: Student Named Gang Dies After Sperm Donor Marathon

Okay, so it’s not funny when a 23 year old man, Zheng Gang, dies of a heart attack. And if it warrants a lascivious smirk, its still not really funny that he died while “looking at a sexy magazine in a sperm bank” discovered after a nurse noticed he’d been in the private production cubicle…

Source of Stress


I got fooled again!  The title of the piece is called “EHRs are ‘a source of stress for physicians,’ AMA says” and I just knew it was the docs over at Gomerblog who had put it out.  Nope.  It was a real a real article from something called EHR intelligence.  I am not even blaming…

National Shortage (in Venezuela)


Venezuela has been having a lot of issues lately.  They have a scarcity of gas, food, jobs. They have major inflation issues.  Well, the crack reporters at Fox News uncovered another shortage, which has “begun to encroach on a cultural cornerstone: the boob job”.   It has gotten so bad in Venezuela that they “are turning to…

Texting Lane


Don’t be surprised to see this coming to a city near you.   Here is a sidewalk in China made for people who just HAVE to text and walk at the same time.  I guess there are enough accidents over there that they creating the “text lane”.  I wouldn’t laugh.  We have enough of same…

Shoot to Bill? by Pat Conrad MD


While most of the trade journals, political hat passing, and anything marked “AMA” go immediately to the trash or the birdcage, I keep browsing through “Family Practice News.” Not only does it allow me to keep up with the continued ruination of western medicine, but also it allows me to exercise an admittedly morbid fascination…