This is a quick one.  I was tipped off about this article recently. It is two years old so I am sure it is worse now but the Harvard Business Review found that there are 10 administrators for every doctor.  Ten! What do we need these people for?  They say we need them to make sure…

I Want the Government to Take Over Healthcare?


I hear this all the time. If we had a single-payor system run by the government then everything would be great.  Really?  This declaration continues in the midst of the VA scandal, the factor that Medicare is going broke and more of the elderly are getting soaked with the cost and lastly, that hardly any doctor takes Medicaid patients because is costs more to see them than you get paid.  When the government is playing with your money they don’t give a crap.  Here is a nice example I just saw:

 Last year, the Air Force told Congress the estimated cost for developing the Long-Range Strike Bomber from fiscal years 2015 to 2024 would be $33.1 billion. This year, the service put the price tag at $58.2 billion between fiscal 2016 and 2026, a 76 percent increase.

Air Force leaders on Monday shrugged off concerns that the service got the projected 10-years cost of its next-generation bomber wrong to the tune of more than $27 billion.

“There has been no change in the costing factors over the last two years … it was a mistake. It was a regrettable mistake,” Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said during a Pentagon press briefing.

Regrettable mistakes. That’s what happens when its not your money.  And we, as taxpayers, get soaked.  Just like Medicare, Medicaid, the VA and Obamacare is soaking us now!  And you want the government to take over the whole enchilada?  Are you crazy?

Healthcare Executive Pay Boom


An article in Modern Healthcare has a great title that you will love.  It’s called Healthcare Executive Pay Boom Driven By Performance Bonuses. Remember, this is a business magazine made for the people who run the healthcare industry.  That’s not you, if you are a doctor, because we idiotically gave that away years ago.  Anyway,…

Mercy Payments


This is story is as interesting as it is crazy. It seems that Mercy Springfield Communities last week had been paying more than 250 physicians bonuses that violated the law.  Pediatricians were getting bonuses up to $48,000 per doctor per year in the 2013 fiscal year.  The system had to pay the Feds over $5 million but…

The Universal Patient


  The above image is from artist Steve Cutts who he creates images which show how 40 hour workweeks are beating us down, and who we are chained to our smartphones.  Outlandish?  Well, the NY Times just did a nice piece on the revamped Parkland Hospital in Dallas which opened recently.   Each of the 862 single-patient…

Gaming the System


The perpetual nonsense of gaming the system continues.  Here is something from the Wall Street Journal a little while back: Long-term-care hospitals discharge a disproportionately large share of Medicare patients during a window when they stand to make the most money from reimbursements under the federal program, according to a study in the journal Health…

The Cowboy Docs


Harvard Magazine had this to say about who is driving up U.S. healthcare costs? A recent study by Harvard professors and colleagues revealed that the culprits may be “cowboy doctors”—physicians who provide intensive, unnecessary, and often ineffective patient care, resulting in wasteful spending costing as much as 2 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product—hundreds of…