Why Is This So Hard to Understand?


I have spoken about my catastrophic insurance plan for a long time.  Here is the highlights from my Sept 2015 entry: They are all trying to reimagine healthcare by leaving the insurance industry and the government in the equation. That problem is unsolvable because they are the problem! Now remove the insurance industry. Remove the…

Hospital Rating System Delayed


As the story goes,”bowing to pressure from the hospital industry and Congress, the Obama administration on Wednesday delayed releasing its new hospital quality rating measure just a day before its planned launch”. I find that interesting because these same hospitals, who are the major employers of physicians in this country, have no problem with doctors…

Representing the Majority?

I just can’t stop watching this.  It will make you laugh out loud. After seeing it a few times I decided to break this down as to ANOTHER reason why our healthcare system is so costly.  Everyone has responsibility of their own health and if we neglect it then it costs us and others.  I don’t know if this lady has insurance or is on Medicaid or is subsidized but if she is then we are paying for it now and will be paying for her care in the future.  So, now, what can we deduce from this video?

  1. She is not an exercise fanatic.  Getting out of her care really pissed her off.
  2. She looks and sounds drunk and admitted to driving so that puts others at risk.
  3. She is smoking.
  4. She love her some McRibs.
  5. She is obese and probably diabetic (see McRibs).
  6. She likes to fight.  A lot.

I wanted to stay away from ripping on her hair or shirt or accent because who am I to judge? I am just pointing out that she is a medical time bomb that all have to pay for. Let’s not just blame the greedy insurers and the government for screwing this thing up.  Let’s blame the lack of accountability by a lot of people as the cause as well.

Remember Her?


In the article Get ready for huge Obamacare premium hikes in 2017 it was explained that: ..the culmination of market shifts and rising health care costs will force stark increases in health insurance rates in the coming year ..many insurers have begun submitting opening bids on raising their premium rates and copayments, which will then be…

Your Money on EHRs


A new report from the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association finds nearly half of patient face-to-face contact with health care providers — checkups, emergency room stays, even hospital admissions — were missing from their electronic records.  This after the federal government has invested more than $30 billion in electronic medical records.  Where is…