Watch This Video To See Why Medical Insurance Is Almost Fully Obsolete

This is Josh Umbehr MD, of Atlas.MD, discussing working directly with his patients, and cutting out the insurance and government bureaucrats.  This lowers costs for the patients and increases the quality of care they receive.  He delivers low-cost family medicine using a direct-pay membership model. Part of Umbehr’s philosophy is that insurance tends to complicate care delivery more than it helps. Under Umbehr’s membership model, patients receive unlimited visits with no co-pays.  This is the future of family medicine.

Very Simple Rule: Don’t Reuse Needles


I may not be the smartest guy in the world but I know one thing, reusing needles is bad.  Even heroin addicts kind of get that now.  Well, this just in.  A West Virginia pain clinic seem to have ignored this rule (my thoughts in parenthesis): The investigation by West Virginia health officials found that,…

Medical Bill Negotiator


Yes, just like the Priceline Negotiator, now comes something similar called the CoPatient.  Usually, I segue in rant berating these third parties but….I love this!  I love the concept and I love the company.  Their four step process is as follows: You submit your hospital bill to them They review You get their free assessment…

Don’t Stress by Pat Conrad MD


One way to avoid stress in medicine might be to avoid reading Family Practice News, so you could view me as either benefactor or malefactor in bringing you the latest. An article in the “Practice Economics” section tells us “Shifting stress perceptions can reduce burnout, lawsuits.” Several studies have physician emotional burnout to an increase…

An Unwelcome Medicaid Surprise


This from the Chicago Tribune: An unwelcome surprise from the Cook County health system What surprise could that be?  Well, remember all those people protesting why some states are not increasing their Medicaid rolls?  The argument was that the government was going to pay the state for it so why not take it?  I have even…

Canada Waits


As America tries to penalize doctors for the length of time it takes for a patient to get an appointment, Canada is also making some noise about “wait times”.  This from an article from a Canadian site: Canadians lost about $1.1 billion last year while waiting for medically necessary health care, a new study from…

I Predict Another Travesty: Weed


About one year ago I wrote this: First of all, it is crazy to me that 37% of medical marijuana users are misusing other non-prescribed drugs and this is felt to be equal to the normal population. But let’s take this study at face value. My first patient who I described above truly needed weed…