The Idiots Start To Awaken But Do Nothing


I found this article called Doctors doubt quality metrics improve quality of care in a journal called Family Practice News.  The title immediately makes me cringe because I have been screaming about this crap coming for at least ten years.  Let me pick apart this article for you so you can understand how docs just don’t get…

Who Wants Money?


The more I see of the Affordable Care Act, the more I hate it.   It turns out that “dozens of hospital groups, health departments, doctor associations and others will get almost $700 million to improve patient care as part of the Obama administration’s initiative to overhaul payment methods for medical providers.”  These grants are funded…

Fixing a Sick Doctor


Aaron Carroll is a pediatrician and wrote an article in the NY Times called Trapped in the System: A Sick Doctor’s Story.  He tells a tale of how much work it is to get his ulcerative colitis medicine. Let’s use his testimonial to see if my CatastrophicCare plan would work. He mentions poor access.  (If he…

ICD-10 Madness by Pat Conrad MD


“Really, I probably live in a world of 140 codes.” AAFP President Robert Wergin, M.D. explaining that patients will not see significant differences in their care when ICD-10 kicks in. Editor’s Note: “Hey, Wergy, what world do you live in?” Tweet

Reimagining Healthcare


Everyone and their uncle is trying to capitalize on our broken healthcare system.  They think they can fix it. Even the techies think they have an answer.  They don’t.  Why?  It’s simple.  They are all trying to reimagine healthcare by leaving the insurance industry and the government in the equation.   That problem is unsolvable…

Introducing the Care Coordinator


I just found a huge steaming pile of made-up terms in this article called Avoiding the ER: ‘Care coordinators’ see increased role in health care evolution.  Right off the bat, in the title, comes Care Coordinator and Health Care Evolution.  That was my first hint that the bullsh&t was about to fly.  To my delight, the meaningless…

You Almost Had Me Back, AAFP


I saw this recent post on the AAFP website called AAFP Backs Senate Bill Supporting Direct Primary Care It says the AAFP is “supporting the efforts of a federal legislator who is throwing his weight behind the new care model. Sen. Bill Cassidy, M.D., R-La., has introduced the Primary Care Enhancement Act of 2015”, which enables patients to participate…

Electronic Medical Records and You


Did you know that “Multispecialty physician practices spent an average of $20,693 per full-time-equivalent doctor in 2014, a 12% increase from the year before and a 34% increase from 2010 to try to keep up with the federal electronic health-record requirements”.  Many of you who read this know that the EMR does not really help patient…