Oz .5


The results are in: They identified 479 recommendations from The Dr Oz Show and 445 recommendations from The Doctors, finding that on average, each episode contained about a dozen bits of health wisdom. By randomly selecting the episodes, instead of cherry picking the worst offenders, their findings give us a true picture of the quality…

Stupid ASC Article by Michael Gorback MD


The Joan Rivers debacle resulted in heightened media attention regarding the safety of ASCs (ambulatory surgical centers). I have heard some people claim that they will now have procedures done only in hospitals. When I ask them if that means dental care too, they just stare at me. I then tell them about the time…

Quote of the Week


Kim Jong Il: Now you see, the changing of the worrd is inevitabre! Lisa: I’m sorry, it’s what? Kim Jong Il: Inevit, inevitabre. Lisa: One more time. Kim Jong Il: [shouts] Inevitabre! Things are inevitabrey going to change! Goddamnit, open your f&cking ears! Team America: World Police Tweet

Ridiculous Study of the Week: Vaccines


Here is a study showing that when you vaccinate kids against the flu then there will, uh, be less of them to get the flu and less flu in the community.  More money well spent on this study.  Up next on the author’s plate:  giving teenagers free cigarettes will, in fact, increase the rate of…

Online Reputation


Here is where AMA knows nothing again: online reputation.  According to this piece: Former chair of the AMA Young Physicians Section, Ravi D. Goel, M.D. offers four tips for physicians: firstly, physicians should search for themselves. Typing queries such as name or full name and rating, as well as specialty and local areas, will show relevant…

Chronically Unhappy


I saw this article from Tamara Star on Huffington Post.  What caught my attention was that I had all 7 habits of chronically unhappy people.  Here are the seven from the article and how they related to my job: Your default belief is that life is hard – yes, because the job was hard. You…

A Sore Throat, a President and a CT Scan


I am torn on this one.  If you haven’t heard, here is what happened: “This morning, an ear, nose and throat specialist from Fort Belvoir Medical Center conducted a fiber optic exam, under my supervision, of the President’s throat based on symptoms of sore throat over the past couple weeks. The exam revealed soft tissue…

Coca-Cola and the AAFP


The American Academy of Family Physicians and the Coca-Cola Company will be able to continue their unholy matrimony thanks to the rejection a resolution calling on AAFP to not renew its relationship with them. From this article: Dr. Robert E. Reneker Jr., a delegate from Michigan, said that he was voting in favor of the relationship based…