True Doctor Heroes


The Ebola outbreak, if you don’t know, is bad and now two doctors have been affected: The doctor leading Sierra Leone’s fight against the worst Ebola outbreak on record died from the virus on Tuesday, the country’s chief medical officer said.  The death of Sheik Umar Khan, who was credited with treating more than 100…

Quote of the Week


“Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mirac… It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole!” Carl Spackler Caddyshack Tweet

Two Headlines of Lunacy


Here are two headlines which I think help capture the lunacy of my profession: Doctors May Soon Be Paid For Not Making You Wait (from Forbes magazine) The Health Care Waiting Game: Long Waits for Doctors’ Appointments Have Become the Norm (from the NY Times) One could debate that the first headline is in response to the…

Health Law Failings


I don’t love the ACA.  I guess that is obvious.  I hate fraud and waste even more.   As you can tell with Medicare and Medicaid, that has been happening for decades. So how about the new ACA behemoth?  Well, “the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office says its undercover investigators were able to get subsidized health…

Medicaid and the ER


Most illnesses do NOT need to be seen in the ER.  Having a good family doctor, who knows you and can see you, would prevent a lot of needless expenses.  Making the patient and family accountable for some of this would also help a lot.  Unfortunately, this does not always happen.  As an example, with Medicaid where the…

The Growing Hospital Computer Information System Cannot Be Stopped! by Stephen Mussey MD


A funny thing happens to a hospital information system over time. Old technology is only partially retired. Since these outmoded, old systems still retain vital data which is difficult to import, they must remain active and cannot be disconnected. In a few years, additional systems are added from different software and hardware vendors. Again, the…

Should Doctors Carry Guns?


If you haven’t heard, a doctor working in a suburban hospital’s psychiatric unit, stopped a patient who had come to kill people.  He had a already killed a caseworker.  The doctor was grazed by gunfire from the patient who had entered his office but stopped the the patient by returning fire with his own gun.   Let me first…

Watch This Video To See Why Medical Insurance Is Almost Fully Obsolete

This is Josh Umbehr MD, of Atlas.MD, discussing working directly with his patients, and cutting out the insurance and government bureaucrats.  This lowers costs for the patients and increases the quality of care they receive.  He delivers low-cost family medicine using a direct-pay membership model. Part of Umbehr’s philosophy is that insurance tends to complicate care delivery more than it helps. Under Umbehr’s membership model, patients receive unlimited visits with no co-pays.  This is the future of family medicine.