Ridiculous Study of the Week: Home Cooked Meals


In a fiery storm of controversy, researchers have come to the conclusion that home cooking is better than restaurant fare. Presented at the American Public Health Association, in New Orleans, the authors claimed to have found that people who eat the most home-cooked ones end up eating healthier and consuming about 130 fewer calories daily, on average, compared…

Sick Healthcare Systems


Here is an article from The Guardian called How sick are the world’s healthcare systems?  It turns out that many are pretty bad.  The impetus for this article, by the way, was due to the NHS (National Health Service) in Britain being so bankrupt that it needs $8 billion pounds to bail it out. Take…

RoboDoc Reboot


I have been using the RoboDoc line for years.  Hey, it’s an old movie and it was easy on the tongue when you said, “They are making us into RoboDocs”.  They being administrators.  The truth is that if they could use robots then we would be replaced in a second. Anyway, when I saw this article…

Fun Stuff

Pages 36 & 37

I am enjoying some of the stuff coming out of gomerblog.  They indirectly took the baton from The Placebo Journal.  I saw a recent humorous algorithm they did and thought that I would break out an old one of mine. Enjoy. Tweet

Costly Tests on the Elderly


In a new scam uncovered by the WSJ, “doctors are testing seniors for drugs such as heroin, cocaine and ‘angel dust’ at soaring rates, and Medicare is paying the bill.”  This is being done by pain specialists who can now make more by testing than they can from treating.  In fact, Medicare’s spending on 22…

Just a Couple More Thoughts by Pat Conrad MD


Follow up on Dr. Spencer… From Medscape: “With African-derived Ebolavirus infection, there is an incubation period (typically 3-8 days in primary cases and slightly longer in secondary cases).” Various reports give the virus a latency of 3 – 21 days. Dr. Spencer’s exposure was the primary type. He left Guinea on 10/14, and developed fever,…

What Would You Want?


We are all patients.  Even the doctors in my audience still need to see other doctors.  Today’s post is more of a question.  What would you want in the perfect medical practice?  In other words, if you had a doctor for you and a your family then want qualities would he/she/office have?  For example: Time…