Activism and Dialogue

Welcome.  Many of you have come to this site because your local paper put out an Associated Press article about me.  I want to thank them and writer David Sharp for his great piece.   I never had thought of myself as an activist before but WTF, let’s do this.

I am a family doc in Maine.   I have a lot of people under my care who seem to trust me.  I am honored by that.  Being a grunt in the trenches of medicine has given me the “on the ground” perspective that the  morons who think they are running the healthcare system do not have.  Those same puppet masters also have the annoying habit of ignoring what we have to say in favor of any new and unproven fad.

I am one of hundreds of thousands of primary care physicians who just want to treat patients but are being held back from doing our objectives by bureaucratic drag.    It is destroying a very noble profession and thinning our ranks very quickly.   Medical students are shying away from being  family doctors because we get paid less and because we are losing our autonomy.  How sad is that?

This website,, will focusing on showing you the grunt’s perspective.    Science and technology are good and needed but the art of medicine is just as important.   I want to create a constant dialogue so that both points of view are considered and heard.  You will find opinion pieces, blogs, medical pearls, videos and humor sections that are constantly being updated here.  Keep checking back as we work hard to give a little (or a lot) push back where it is needed.   Who knows, maybe we can turn this flicker into a flame and motivate a new generation of medical students to be the “authentic doctors” they envisioned themselves to be when they applied to medical school?


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