More Stupid Joint Commission Tricks (sent in by a reader)

I am an anesthesiologist, and JCAHO makes us label our propofol syringes, ‘propofol’. Like there are any other milky white liquids on an anesthesiologist’s cart? We are also supposed to write the date, our initials, and the name of the drug and the concentration of each drug in each syringe. In cardiac anesthesia I have 20 syringes going in the morning.   Sure, I’ll come in 1/2 hour early for that. The fact is that NOBODY does this crap, except when the JCAHO idiots are in the hospital for their ‘surprise’ inspections that they tell you you’re going to have.

Every year they add more BS hoops to jump through. Just recently, they added that we have to now individually wrap our laryngoscope blades in clear packaging. This is like saying all silverware at a restaurant must be individually wrapped. The blade is clean and going in your MOUTH!!! Your DIRTY MOUTH!! For almost 100 years blades have been stored clean! There are no infections attributed to laryngoscope blades! They don’t want them sterile; they just want them in a wrapper! If they are not in a pretty wrapper, we get cited! I am sure every medical professional has some Joint Commission crap that they have to do that makes no sense. There are many more in the OR.

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