F U, Joint Commission

When I used to be employed by two hospitals in Maine there used to be some stupid policy about not having Christmas cards taped to your door.  I was told that it broke one of the Joint Commission rules due to it being a fire hazard.  A fire hazard!?!  Yup.  I guess they felt these cards could spontaneously combust.  It was then that I knew the Joint Commission was a sham.   No one questions their mandates.  They don’t have to prove anything.  And the idiot administrators eat their crap like up Scooby snacks. Why? Because they just want little gold stars.  For years I could not tape up my Christmas cards given to me by patients.  So, now that I am self-employed, happy, independent, and in-charge I can do what I want and I want is to tape them on my door. F%ck you, Joint Commission (and the idiot administrators your rode in on)!

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