Obamacare and Effectiveness

I found this article on MSN, a notorious left-leaning organization.   I use a lot of references from both sides when I write this blog including Huffington Post, WSJ, AMNews, USA Today, etc.  I lean fiscally conservative but socially liberal.  That’s just how I roll.  I am NOT a Republican nor a Democrat.  Actually, both parties make me sick but luckily I have health insurance.    This brings me back to the MSN piece by Rick Newman.   It is called The real reason Obamacare scares people.   The answer, boiled down by the author, is that it is a “complex monstrosity that’s hard to understand”.    He feels many will wiggle out of the mandate and many others will just get subsidies to cover the mandate for them.   That can’t be good.  He also goes on to say:

  • The U.S. healthcare system was a mess before Obamacare, with soaring costs and millions of families who couldn’t afford care. But that doesn’t mean that shaking things up will automatically improve it. Changing things merely for the sake of change often makes things worse, and people are right to be skeptical.
  • The new rules will also force millions of Americans to navigate one more government bureaucracy, even if they want to do the right thing.
  • Anybody who’s tangled with the healthcare bureaucracy or a government agency is justified to say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • Meanwhile, in the four-year time vacuum between the passage of the law and the date it goes into effect, we’ve been left to ponder a mystifying set of new rules from a government that seems disinclined to do us any favors.
  • These days, the government ought to first prove its worth and effectiveness and only then ask citizens to take a leap of faith and accept more complexity. It’s hard to believe we need to make the system even more confusing in order to simplify it.

Our healthcare system is broken.  Insurance is unaffordable.  I want it fixed.  Adding more bureaucracy doesn’t seem to be the answer to me.  Actually, I think removing most of those people and business who have their hands in the pot (and stealing money) should be our first priority.


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