The Bike Doctor

Dr. Luis Garcia del Moral has a lot of explaining to do.   I have blogged before how some doctors lose their ethics when “stars” get in their eyes.  Dr. Moral may be another perpetrator of bad deeds as this article in the WSJ explained.  The chain smoking doctor “worked in a small room in back of the Postal team bus that followed the team along the course. Behind a set of sliding doors, the former riders say, he injected riders with drugs or performed blood transfusions that are banned in the sport.”  So, to summarize, García del Moral was popular for aggressively promoting an undercover regimen of banned drugs and medical procedures.  So, basically, Dr. Moral had no morals.  I think it was old Bill Shakespeare (or Felix Unger) who said:

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive!

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