Military Disability Fraud

We all respect out military veterans.  Sometimes out of respect we let things go and fear talking about issues that are blatantly disgusting.  For example, the number of veterans getting disability is climbing sky high now.  Why?  It’s taboo to question these men and women.  People don’t want to be disrespectful.  The problem is when it gets out of hand and some of that is happening right now.  It sure is happening in the civilian population.  Who can really prove head trauma?  Who can prove PTSD?   The above video is just one example that has massive repercussions.  Check out how this one dude,  Braulio Castillo, who cited his foot injury, suffered at a military prep school, as the basis for his IT company’s application for special status as a “service-disabled veteran-owned small business.”  In a letter to a government official, Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) (in the video) reads aloud what her wrote and points out his bullshit:

My family and I have made considerable sacrifices for my country.  My service connected disability status should serve as a testimony to that end.  I can’t play with my kids because I can’t walk without pain.  I take twice daily pain medication so I can work a normal day’s work.  These are crosses that I bear due to my service to my country and I would do it again to protect this great country.

DUCKWORTH RESPONDS: I am so glad you would play football again in prep school to protect this great country.

By the way, this scam by Castillo allowed his company, Strong Castle, to win contracts over a six-month period with the Internal Revenue Service worth as much as $500 million because some idiot doctor gave his ankle injury a 30% disability rating!   This is the next wave of fraud to hit our country and as much as we care for the men and women of the armed services, we still need to be diligent in weeding out those who want to abuse the system.

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