Saturated Fat is Back


I think we are at the point that we need to rethink everything.  Since the 1970s, it has been drilled into us that saturated fat is bad.  As a doctor I have been proselytizing about this more than anyone.  And yet people have been getting fatter and fatter with more and more neolithic disease.  What if we were wrong?  I know, sounds crazy, that something so politically driven by McGovern back then could be wrong but it is possible.   Read this article in the LA Times and this commentary in the British Medical Journal (if you want to dig deeper).   The amount of push back on this is amazing and I am not sure why.  We hold onto our beliefs to the point we are identified with them and so it gets personal.  I know, I am the same way.  I was a vegetarian for over 20 years before I decided to rethink what I was doing (as I was getting fatter and fatter).   I await your response to this but if you think the LA Times and the cardiologist who wrote the BMJ piece are wrong or alternative or new age then please read this article and see this video by Peter Attia MD.  You want the real story and the real science, he lays it out for you.  Saturated fat is not the issue, people.  It blew me away but we WERE WRONG!  Now it is time to retool our recommendations to patients so that we can truly help them instead of harming them.

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