Notes from Your Licensing Board


The Fall 2013 issue of “Notes from Your Licensing Board” came in not long ago and I have to share it.  It is from the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine (I kept that one for now) and it is so disgusting.  The first page is as above.  It starts out with Adverse Actions and then lists name after name.  It is like some the old-fashioned technique of parading criminals around to scare others.  Why not put them in the public square with chains?  And this is the Licensing Board?  There are only four pages to this piece of crap and it is nothing but doctors names who they “got”.  The board must be so proud.  They are like the modern-day G-men. It is only on half of the last page that they list their meeting schedule and some other crap.  Let it be known, the Board does NOT represent or help doctors in any way.  We pay them to punish us.  Don’t get me wrong, there are bad apples in any profession but I have seem more bogus stuff be investigated and penalized than need be.  Sickening, that is my conclusion.

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