Big Data Making Doctors’ Lives Easier?


Here is a knucklehead from an AAFP article on “Big Data” showing exactly why “Big Data” can be ridiculous:

With limited time and a heavy patient load, physicians face a daunting task trying to identify a patient’s multiple needs during a single office visit.  Now, growing implementation of electronic health records (EHRs) and other health information technology, combined with rapidly evolving clinical analytics techniques, promises to make this task easier. By collecting and analyzing data that present a more comprehensive, detailed medical picture of entire patient populations, physician practices can monitor their patient panels more efficiently — often without scheduling additional office visits.

Make this task easier?  Without scheduling office visits?  Yup.  That is the goal of “Big Data”.  Do away with the office visits.  Guess who wouldn’t be needed then?  You betcha.  The doctor.  You think I am crying wolf?  Here is what he says at the end of the interview:

The staff should work with the company that is responsible for collecting and providing the data, which should come to the practice in ways that make it easy to use.

Only a small proportion of the information will be given directly to the doctor. More and more primary care physicians are working in practices that are medical homes or medical home-like, and other people on the team should be able to access the data.

We physicians bought into this medical home crap and it will be the end of us.  That being said, the point these tech gurus are missing is that patients still trust and want to see their doctors.   So the race is on.  We need to push back against useless Big Data before there are none of us left to push back (and see patients).  It’s survival of the fittest and we are already behind.  By the way, I start my direct primary care practice next month.  I am digging in.  Are you?

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