Sick Healthcare Systems


Here is an article from The Guardian called How sick are the world’s healthcare systems?  It turns out that many are pretty bad.  The impetus for this article, by the way, was due to the NHS (National Health Service) in Britain being so bankrupt that it needs $8 billion pounds to bail it out. Take a look at how they describe India, China, Germany, etc.  Of course they nail the US because we spend too much.  They criticize us for having 13% of our population still being uninsured.  You know, the usual stuff. Here is my issue.  Why does every one think that health insurance is health care?  It isn’t.  You can have health insurance and have crappy or no care at all.  If you think that having health insurance protects you financially from fiscal doom from a major illness then I would agree with that.  So let’s follow up on that some more.  We agree that catastrophic care is needed by everyone, kind of like auto insurance.  I do not want my auto insurance buying my gas, telling me where to buy my gas, hiding the price of gas and then billing me a month later for what wasn’t covered for my gas.  I want to shop around.  I want transparency.  That is what we need in the healthcare system.  Right now hospitals will bill cash paying patients the highest.  Why? The bottom line is that we need to make the insurers compete for us.  I want a Progressive Health Insurance commercial every 20 minutes asking me to switch to them. I want hospitals to be transparent in their pricing so that prices come down.  What we have now doesn’t work but socialized medicine, as the NHS proves, doesn’t work either.  We want health care and not health insurance (other than catastrophic) and then the middle men will go away, people will shop around and then the prices become affordable.

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