Mercy Killing the MOC


It is time to applaud the people hammering the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and their MOC (Maintenance of Certification).   Recently, the ABIM sent out a letter to internists that stated:

Dear Internal Medicine Community:

ABIM clearly got it wrong. We launched programs that weren’t ready and we didn’t deliver an MOC program that physicians found meaningful. We want to change that.

i am with Dr. Wes Fisher who reacted on his blog by saying, “But perhaps we should ask first: Why MOC at all?”

He is right.  I hope that the internists destroy their board and the MOC and that momentum cross pollinates over to the American Board of Family Medicine.  I beg my internist colleagues to not let up.  You have them on the ropes.  Give them no mercy.  As General Lewis Addison Armistead said when he led his brigade from Seminary Ridge at Gettysburg during Pickett’s Charge, “GIVE EM’ THE COLD STEEL, BOYS!”

Then again, we all know how that worked out.

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