The Teeth of the Maine Government

In big news, “the State of Maine’s Bureau’s Market Conduct Unit performed a comprehensive review of Anthem’s complaint handling after Bureau investigators reported several late and missing responses to complaints forwarded to Anthem by the Bureau. The exam found that the company repeatedly failed to comply with Maine law, requiring insurance companies to respond to the Bureau’s consumer complaint inquiries within 14 days. The examination also found that the company failed to accurately report some annually required data and failed to facilitate a timely completion of the examination.”


Remember, this whole issue is in regards to Anthem basically ignoring customers’ complaints proving once again, they don’t give a crap.

So, to summarize, Anthem:

  1. Failed to comply with Maine law
  2. Failed to accurately report date
  3. Failed to facilitate completion of the examination (investigation)

The penalty?


That is like you getting penalized a penny for cheating on your taxes.  What a joke.

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