Everyone Loses With Insurer Monopolies Except the Insurers

It turns out that when insurers don’t have any competition they drive down the payments to hospitals and doctors.  And then they keep all the profits.

In markets where insurers and providers are concentrated — where consolidations have increased individual market shares — hospital admissions and physician fees drop, a big-data study shows.

However, the power to negotiate lower prices did not result in lower premiums for consumers…

The results were published in the September issue of Health Affairs.

Competition is good.  It brings prices down.  However, the insurers have figured out a way to not compete with each other.  Like some Mafia movie, the families have taken sections of the country and split them up.  Now all they are doing is gouging us all and raking in the cash.

We need a way get the Tattaglia family to cross the Corleone family to cause an all-out war or we will continue to get screwed.

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104490cookie-checkEveryone Loses With Insurer Monopolies Except the Insurers