CNN and their Horsesh$t Title

CNN recently put out an article called For doctors, more opioid prescriptions bring more money.  Really? I don’t make any money off any drug I prescribe.  CNN then doubled down with their subheadline:

CNN Exclusive: The more opioids doctors prescribe, the more money they make

They weren’t giving up on this.  Here is what they came up with:

In 2014 and 2015, opioid manufacturers paid hundreds of doctors across the country six-figure sums for speaking, consulting and other services. Thousands of other doctors were paid over $25,000 during that time.

Wow.  Great reporting.  The problem is that there is over a million doctors in the country.  So less than 1% made any money.  I hate using this term, because of the political connotation, but this really is “fake news”.  They are blatantly trying to scare patients and make them NOT trust doctors.

Then there was this:

The CNN/Harvard analysis looked at 2014 and 2015, during which time more than 811,000 doctors wrote prescriptions to Medicare patients. Of those, nearly half wrote at least one prescription for opioids.
Fifty-four percent of those doctors — more than 200,000 physicians — received a payment from pharmaceutical companies that make opioids.
I don’t have any detail on this but what I think it is is the Sunshine Act used to hurt doctors.  That “payment” is a sandwich at lunch while listened or ignored a drug rep.  All of this is now on record.
I am so sick and tired of the press trying to hurt the trust people have in their doctors. Sure, there are some bad apple doctors but even the less the 1% who did speaking gigs to get paid are not bad or evil. They weren’t getting kickbacks to Rx a drug.  That is what they are trying to get patients to believe!
You know who loves this stuff?  Lawyers. Big hospital systems. Insurers.  Why?  Because now they can use ads to convince patients to trust them because they are watching over the doctors.
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