Calling All Female Physicians

Here is an article in Money at CNN called “The gender pay gap for women doctors is big — and getting worse”.  I need help to understand this. Here is what it said:

They also attended medical school and underwent the same years of rigorous training, but female doctors in the United States are earning significantly less than their male peers — and the pay gap is only growing wider.

Women doctors earned an average of 27.7% less than their male counterparts in 2017, according to a new survey of 65,000 physicians by Doximity, a social networking platform for health care professionals.

That’s an average of $105,000 less a year.

Here is my confusion. I used to work for two different hospital systems. There were times that certain doctors were 100% salaried because they were needed desperately in the area.  For example, a pediatric neurologist or a cardiac thoracic surgeon were hired to offer these services so they guaranteed them a good salary.  Maybe, because I don’t know, female physicians are getting less salaries in these situations.  In fact, the study showed that the specialties with the largest pay gaps of about 20% included hematology, occupational medicine and urology.

The problem, however, is that these positions are very small compared to the rest of the doctor population like family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics.  The rest of these employed physicians are guaranteed a certain salary that is normally low with bonus structures built in using work RVUs and other metrics.   If that is the case then how is gender pay an issue for the majority of us?  I do not want to come off too negative or cold here because I am not trying to, but help me understand this pay difference that this study talks about?  Please comment here and explain it to me.

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