Oldest Female Bodybuilder

Edith Wilma Connor began working out in her 60s.  By her 65th birthday she entered her first competition, the Grand Masters in Las Vegas, and won first place.  She works out at least three times a week and is now a competitive bodybuilder.  Oh and she is 77 years old!   She still runs her data entry business and continues to coach fitness and nutrition to her five female clients, all over 50 years old.  Want to make a bet that she is on very few medications?   She is part of the solution to our health care crises.  No one wants to say it but if patients (yes, patients) got pissed off enough that they take care of their OWN health then there would be no shortage of funds to take care of the less fortunate.   And by less fortunate, I mean those people who have disease NOT caused but their own poor habits.

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