DPC Alliance Party at the AAFP FMX

Direct Primary Care is growing very quickly.  With that in mind there has been a huge effort by many of us to start the DPC Alliance.  This occurred one year ago. And, man, have we grown.  No doctor involved is getting paid anything to run this thing.  This is a TRUE grass root organization trying to take medicine back.  We do not want the AAFP or the AMA to speak for us. We speak for us. We represent us.

To understand more about the DPC Alliance then see our website.  If you are at the AAFP FMX this Thursday (10/11/18) then come to our party at 6 PM right outside the convention doors.  Just walk out and look left and you’ll see Mulates restaurant.  You should also see one of us holding the flag above (hurricane permitting). Or look for big Vance. Actually, you won’t miss him.

Hope to see you there!

**If you can’t come then PLEASE join the DPCA.  We need everyone involved.  Save the money you are paying to the AAFP and AMA or AAP or ACP, etc.   Join a group run by DPC doctors for DPC doctors.


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