Primary Care and Burnout

The above is from Medical Economics.  It shows that the highest percentage of burnout was in primary care. They list the causes as: too many bureaucratic task, too many work hours, increased computerization of practice and insufficient compensation.   Hmmm, now what would fix all this?  I wonder?

I feel bad for my colleagues with “death row syndrome”.  I really do.  They are brainwashed into thinking they have no control.  How do I know?  Look at what they think will help fix all this (bottom right of image):

  • Provide…..
  • Slash…..
  • Greater respect from….
  • More positive attitudes from….

I don’t need to finish the sentences to make my point.  Every “fix” they call for is EXTERNAL!  They depend on others to GIVE them something. That will never happen.  It is only fixed by TAKING CONTROL BACK and doing it yourself.


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