What’s Your PMI?

It turns out that doctors employed by hospitals and corporations are much more dissatisfied on their jobs:

A national survey from analytics company Geneia found physicians who are employed by hospitals and corporations are more dissatisfied and burned out than those who work independently and in physician-owned practices.

Here is what they found:

  • 69 percent of corporate/hospital-owned physicians agree they are talking about work in a more negative way, compared to 51 percent agreement among physician/independent-owned respondents. That’s a plus-18 percentage point gap in opinion between ownership models.
  • Nearly all physicians — 96 percent — report they have witnessed or experienced physician burnout impacts such as cynicism, severe stress, dissatisfied patients and lower empathy for patients.
  • Physicians working in corporate or hospital-owned organizations were even more likely to witness or experience the negative impacts of burnout.
  • 57 percent of physician-owned/independents report lower empathy for patients as the result of physician burnout, compared to 72 percent of corporate/hospital-owned physicians, a gap of plus-15 percentage points

This is good information to know.  I guarantee they didn’t even talk to DPC docs which would have blown this out of the water (You have to pay to search the search.  Ummm….not).

Here is my favorite part:

In October, Geneia revealed that its Physician Misery Index has climbed to nearly 4 out of 5, and in response, has called on all health IT companies to involve physicians in the design and implementation of health technology products and to measure physician satisfaction.

WTF is a PMI?!? You mean they have translated our disgust and misery, as a physician, into a data point!  This has got to stop. Is this a joke? Is sounds like it.

“Hey bro, what is your PMI?”

“2.3. You?”



“I know, right? Hoping to break 4.5 by January.”

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