Do You Want to Speak Your Mind to Thousands of Other Doctors?

If you are a doctor and want to share your thoughts then we are still looking for writers here at Authentic Medicine. Do you find yourself reading an article in the NYT, WSJ or Medical Economics and responding “That’s bullsh$t!”? Well, this blog may be the place for you.

The requirements are:

  • You are an MD or DO
  • You write a blog entry once a week or once every two weeks
  • You have an opinion

If we ask you to join then:

  • You become part of the team
  • You will be invited to our private Slack channel
  • You can find your own articles to comment on or use the vast amount in the queue already there
  • Your image and bio is put after every blog and on the writer section of the site

So, do you think you can do this? If you are interested then email me at [email protected]