The ER and Panic Attacks

Here some worthless news:

A Michigan woman reportedly caused quite a stir in the emergency room on Monday night when she arrived to be treated for a panic attack while covered in grisly Halloween makeup. The makeup, she claims, was mistaken for an actual medical emergency and she began being prepped to enter trauma.

Ha, ha, ha. She fooled the staff. Good for her. She says that wasn’t her intention and she thought they would realize it was makeup (then why share their embarrassment with the world?)

Here are my questions:

  • Why are young people going to the ER for panic attacks?
  • Why are so many young people having panic attacks and anxiety?

I don’t know the answer to the first question. I think I know a partial answer to the second… I recommend the book Digital Minimalism for anyone who agrees with me and has this same problem. And I think chronic weed may be an issue as well.


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