The Emetic Chronicles of a Ship Physician-Part 2

Hello All,

We are currently in Sitka, Alaska where I will soon be debarking to pick up some souvenirs. Yesterday, I took pictures in Glacier Bay where there are several glaciers and all are beautiful. Unfortunately, because of climate warming, ice is not forming in great patches over most of them anymore. The ocean, however, remains beautiful and blue. On our way to Sitka from Glacier Bay the ride was again rough. Ralph attempted to knock down my door but was prevented by a couple of bodyguards I hired on the trip. A couple of shady characters, by the name of Bonine and “The Patch”, kept him at bay.

I have yet to attend any of the shows on the ship but I plan to go to one of them tonight. I have actually had a show every night in my room which is over the stage of the Ocean Lounge. The music is playing until midnight every night–much like having an inconsiderate neighbor in an apartment building. Instead of complaining(it’s unlikely they would shut down an entire show for me­, right?), I just let the music lull me to sleep. After all, it is ’70’s music and you all know how I feel about the ’70″s…

Until then……..

Bon Voyage, ?

Nat ✌?

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