“What Kind of F**kery is This?”

Medicine is going to hell in a handbasket. Bats**t crazy.

Optometrists…they wish to perform surgery on one of the most delicate areas of the human body. The eye. No matter that they don’t possess the training, just take an expedited course and walla!! Your eyeball is in their incapable hands. At a discounted price no less. Don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Too bad you can’t see anymore. Because no one asked who would correct the mistakes that were inevitable. You see, that isn’t part of their training. To fix the f***ups. Oh well. Better send the patient to the opthalmologist to fix it.

Psychologists…they want prescribing rights. To treat psychiatric patients. Pay no mind to the fact they know nothing of psychopharmacology in depth, that is just an annoying hoop they don’t want to jump through. Why bother when they can just go to the legislators and convince them it’s a good idea to let them write these prescriptions anyway after taking a certification course? Hell, they specialize in talk therapy. Meh, legislators are a piece of cake; talk them to death and contribute to their campaigns and they will agree to anything. Who cares that psychiatric drugs are some of the most dangerous prescription drugs on the market and can be disastrous for kids and the elderly if one doesn’t know how to administer them? Well, it’s not their kid and the elderly have to die sometime. And everyone else in between? Hit and miss. You see, during the blathering in the state house and senate, no one asked who would manage the mistakes. It didn’t matter. If there’s a f***up, just send them to the psychiatrist to fix it. Or to the ER physician.

Pharmacists….the experts hands down in pharmaceuticals. Sure, they know enough to prescribe. Except if the patient has co-morbidities(illnesses) or other medical issues that are contradictory to what they want to prescribe. Why bother to talk to the primary doctor? His/her input is neither wanted nor needed. By golly, the pharmacist knows meds. Ah well, no need to worry. Primary care is easy as pie and should the patient crash he/she won’t be coming to the pharmacy anyway. Unfortunately, the pharmacist doesn’t know the patient like the physician does nor does he/she know primary care. You see, no one asked what would happen when the pharmacist f***ed up. No need to understand the error, let the primary care doc manage the damage or just send the patient to the ER.

Chiropractors/Naturopaths/Other alternatives….not going to elaborate, you get the gist. They are doctors…just not medical doctors. They’re yakking to the legislators also. Seeking to practice the art of medicine by legislation, not education. It’s sick. Pun intended.

Now enter the non-physician practitioners(NPPs). Nurse practitioners and physician assistants, with the assistance of oblivious physicians, nescient legislators and now a very accommodating pandemic, have decided, arbitrarily, that their non- or limited medical training is an acceptable alternative to the actual practice of medicine. Years of practice should count they say, so much so that they no longer require supervision by professionals actually trained and licensed in medicine. This is supposedly proven by studies on outcomes(with questionable methodology), quoted as being factual and valid, hoping that if they repeat it enough it will come to be. And it has. Fiction has become fact. They have taken their cackling over to the legislators, who, like good husbands who know better, just say “Yes Dear” and give them what they want, which is Full Practice Authority (FPA) and Optimal Team Practice (OTP), aka: practicing medicine without a medical license. “But hey!”, you ask, “Isn’t that against the law?” Yes. Yes it is. Legislators, many of whom are attorneys, pass a law that allows non-physician practitioners to break the law–legally. Oxymoronic morons. But at least it stops the nagging. As far as the patients who suffer at the hands of a person who lacks a solid medical foundation and appropriate training? Acceptable damages. As long as none of the offenders or legislators are related to the patient, who gives a damn? Patients are expendable. When one dies(or is injured), another will replace him/her. You see, no one asked what would happen when the NPP’s f***ed up. So for the patients that are harmed? The mistakes for which the NPPs were never prepared? Just send them to the physician to be made whole again. Send them to the real doc. The medical doc. Hell, we are good for something after all. And that is to correct everyone else’s mistakes. While the predatory lawyers circle like vultures waiting for the kill while we are forced to extend our liability to assist those who engage in professional appropriation (https://authenticmedicine.com/2019/12/professional-appropriation-a-new-term/).

To all the legislators, corporate medical groups, medical facilities and physicians who are supporting this agenda of replacing physicians with anyone and everyone because you have determined that their education is equivalent to ours for profit-driven purposes, you will be a patient one day. You may end up in a situation in which you have no choice and no voice, much like the public is experiencing now. And your position and/or title will mean nothing. You will ask for a physician and there won’t be one.



1.  Quote from the song “Me and Mr. Jones” by Amy Winehouse

***DISCLAIMER: My commentary refers only to those for whom the shoe fits.***

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