Hospitals Overwhelmed by ____ Patients Are Treating Them in Tents

“The _______ epidemic is sending people to hospitals and urgent-care centers in every state, and medical centers are responding with extraordinary measures: asking staff to work overtime, setting up triage tents, restricting friends and family visits and canceling elective surgeries, to name a few.”

The above quote is from Time magazine in…….2018! The blank in the headline above is not COVID 19 but the word “Flu”. The blank in the quote are the words “2017-2018 influenza”.

There were no Thanksgiving cancellations. No halt in travel. No shutting down businesses forever.

Listen, I am not a CV19 denier. I do wear masks. I don’t want to get sick so I don’t dine in. I don’t want any more deaths. That ALL being said, I just want to point out how much I hate mainstream media and the hypocrisy of some people. Common sense is no longer allowed. No one wants to sit down and calmly talk about what works and what doesn’t. Young people handle this virus quite well. The old and the vulnerable do not. Why not start there?

Why did this have to be such a political issue? Because in an election year the clickbait biased media decided to do their thing. The sky was falling. And they pointed fingers without any evidence to do so. Shame on them.

We will survive this pandemic. We survived VERY BAD flu seasons. Hopefully we have gotten smarter from it all but I am not betting on it.

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