Why ER Visits Need To Be Appropriate

Here is an example sent in by a reader.   If patients don’t understand or abuse our healthcare system then these types of visits happen. 

EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT CLINICAL COURSE AND DECISION MAKING: This is an 18-year-old female who presents to the emergency department with headache. After I have spoke to her for a while, she says that yesterday she took an ibuproven when she had a headache and it got better. She reports that she has run out of ibuprofen and reportedly has no money to buy more ibuprofen. She says that this is because she just bought a new truck and she does not have any money to spend at the pharmacy. She says the she has therefore come to the emergency department to obtain some ibuprofen. She does not feel that she needs anything stronger than this. She is requesting some ibuprofen and some to go home with. I certainly do not feel that the patient has any acute infectious symptoms. I do not have any concern for meningitis. Rather, I feel that this is a simple headache. I have advised her to return to the emergency department for any acute concerns and she does agree to these plans.

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