Don’t Go There, Paula

You may remember my blog entitled  Gender Pay Gap for Doctors.   You may remember that I questioned the validity of a researcher doing research on her own colleague’s pay.   You may also remember that I felt that this issue has nothing to do with the doctors who actually PRACTICE medicine. Regular physicians bill for what they do. This is usually in increments of relative value units. We have to use very special coding system to send to the insurers to get paid for our services. Any differences that male and female doctors get paid is due to them billing less because they did less work. End of story. Well,  Dr. Pauline Chen of the New York Times decided to fall prey to this issue and took it hook, line and sinker:

This was not the first time I had heard a colleague speculate on how her sex might affect the way others treated her professionally, but we all thought medicine was one of the few careers in which men and women working the same hours and producing comparable results in similar specialties would be paid and promoted equally.

It does.  Show me the proof that a physician working on a productivity model is paid less UNFAIRLY!  You can’t.


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