The Harvard Hypocrisy in Primary Care


In this wonderful ass- kissing article by the AAFP, you can learn how the Harvard Medical School’s Center for Primary Care is working on a “new resource on best practices while illustrating how effective primary care teams are transforming practices”. The article Harvard Medical School Takes Case Study Approach to Primary Care goes on to say that their “research will be part of the Harvard Medical School curriculum for the next generation of students”. Wow.  Big stuff.  I wonder how hard it is to get into Harvard’s family practice residency now?  That’s right, Harvard Medical School is one of only 10 medical schools in the nation that don’t have a department of family medicine! Hmm, that’s funny because there is no mention of that in this AAFP article?  Instead the article extolls the greatness of Harvard Medical School with such lines as:

  • “In order to change primary care, you have to start with students in medical school,” Erin Sullivan, Ph.D., the center’s research and curriculum director said. “Our cases engage students outside of their comfort zones. We ask them to read and discuss issues of management, infrastructure and leadership — real issues that they are likely to face when they start practicing.”

In another article called Why Harvard Medical ignores family medicine they give this tidbit:

  • The dean, Dr. Jeffrey Flier, said the school can’t create a new department without help from its affiliated hospitals, which the school does not control. None of Harvard’s affiliated hospitals has a family medicine department or residency, except Cambridge Health Alliance.

Yeah, that has got to really hard.  It would be like brokering a peace in the Middle East.  Are you kidding me? And yet the AAFP article never points this out.  I guess that is why Authentic Medicine does it for you.