The Evil Hospital Administrator

I often rip on hospital administrators for many reasons.  One, there are too many of them. Two, they think they are more important than they are.  Three, they are getting too powerful.  Want an example?  Here is one from a lawsuit in California:

The suits stems from actions taken Jan. 26, 2016, when the Tulare Regional Medical Center (TRMC) board of directors voted to terminate the hospital’s medical staff organization and effectively remove the hospital’s elected medical staff officers, install a slate of appointed officers, and approve new medical staff bylaws and rules drafted without staff input.

Except for the newly appointed officers, the rest of the staff was then terminated, stripped of their rights as active members and then granted “provisional” status as part of the new medical staff which they had not applied or consented to membership with, according to a post-trial brief filed by the TRMC Medical Staff.

The replacement bylaws also contained a provision, since amended, that physicians could achieve and maintain “active” status by proving their economic value to the hospital, according to the brief—which described that provision as “basically, an illegal kickback scheme.”

All I can say is….wow.  Physicians gave this healthcare system away and we continue to pay for it.  This power play, by the hospital administrators at Tulare, is unbelievable.  And disgusting. And evil.

We need to fight back.  All of us.

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