Remember That Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative? Yeah, It Lost Money.

And now an update on a recent initiative by the government and the ivory tower idiots who think they can fix our healthcare system. Here is the abstract from Health Affairs:

The Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative (CPC), a health care delivery model developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), tested whether multipayer support of 502 primary care practices across the country would improve primary care delivery, improve care quality, or reduce spending. We evaluated the initiative’s effects on care delivery and outcomes for fee-for-service Medicare beneficiaries attributed to initiative practices, relative to those attributed to matched comparison practices. CPC practices reported improvements in primary care delivery, including care management for high-risk patients, enhanced access, and improved coordination of care transitions. The initiative slowed growth in emergency department visits by 2 percent in CPC practices, relative to comparison practices. However, it did not reduce Medicare spending enough to cover care management fees or appreciably improve physician or beneficiary experience or practice performance on a limited set of Medicare claims-based quality measures. As CMS and other payers increasingly use alternative payment models that reward quality and value, CPC provides important lessons about supporting practices in transforming care.

So, to summarize, the extra cost to make this monstrosity happen wasn’t worth the money.  Who would have thunk it?  Me.  Check out my blog in August of 2016.  And this one here. Nostradougus strikes again.

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