Selfies are Killing Us

I didn’t know whether this should be a ridiculous study or not.   I mean it’s really embarrassing but more because we, the human race, are such idiots.   A new study, in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, found that 259 people have been killed by posing.

The leading cause of self-inflicted selfie deaths were drowning, falls and fires. The study covered 2011-2017, so the average number of deaths per year was 43.

According to various studiesthat means selfies kill only slightly fewer people than lightning (47), and far more than train crashes (24), fireworks (11) and two things that keep people up at night around Florida – sharks and alligators.

I used to have a section in the Placebo Journal that talked about this type of stupidity but that was before cell phones were used for selfies.  We would have had a field day with this.  The whole concept of people who just love taking pictures of themselves is really confusing to me.  

Narcissism meet Darwinism.

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