Were You Harmed by Not Doing the MOC?

This may sound like a commercial you hear on TV but it is important for us doctors. Were you a family doc who has been harmed by the MOC? In other words, you let it lapse or didn’t want to pay anymore but then lost privileges at a hospital or an insurance company would not pay you anymore because the ABFM removed your name from being certified? Well, the lawsuits are finally rolling along. We have supported the GoFundMe campaign here at Authentic Medicine and it is happening.

If the MOC sham affected you then go to the ABIMLawsuit.com website to give the law firm your name/story/contact info as to how your were harmed. Wes Fisher MD tells me that “This legal team is sharp as hell and would like to confront ABMS from many different angles like a suit against ABFM, too. (Working on similar tactic with Peds)”.

Kill the MOC!

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