Google Translate Works for Languages Doctors Don’t Speak

This is good news:

Researchers examining 100 sets of emergency room patient discharge instructions converted into Spanish and Chinese from English by Google Translate determined there were very few significant errors. In one case, however, the translation could have led to a life-threatening medication error, they report in JAMA Internal Medicine. 

I like it when technology, that is free, saves time and money for the healthcare system. Interestingly enough, Google Translate is having trouble, however, doing discharge summaries for some naturopathic hospitals. Here is an actual note:

We recommend regular homeopathic drainage therapy as one of the best ways to promote your body`s natural process of detoxification. Use Earth Botanical Harvest’s Herbal Compound Ointment for extracting any extra toxins. Patients have also successfully use old fashioned black salve for this purpose. Never in good conscience allow yourself, or your children, to be vaccinated due to the known toxic ingredients that will have a free pass directly to your brain. We also recommend on VSL#3, lots of omega 3, glutamine, Absolute Veggie protein powder, DIDA tablets, Oregano Oil, Marshmallow tea, Chaga tea, Vit C, Genestra Herbal GI, Thorne Ferrasorb, Thorne Muti-B6, Vit D, New Chapter Bone Strength. Oh, and coffee enemas. Wait….WTF is this? I’m a computer and I still realize all this is bullshit. Really, people?

So, there you have it. Google Translate is pretty smart.

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