Direct Primary BBQ

Which is your favorite barbeque?  The wondrous Carolina pulled pork, robust southwestern brisket, St. Louis ribs, or incredible Kansas City burnt ends?  At present my favorite is Texas-based Rudy’s BBQ and Mighty Fine Burgers, and I’ve never even eaten at one of their restaurants.

 Why?  Because the restaurant chain is dumping Blue Cross in favor of a Direct Primary Care approach for its employees.  “Company may cut costs 50% this year largely thanks to this doctor,” proclaims this story, featuring Dr. Chris Larson and Euphora Health in Austin.

I’m sorry I can’t bring you more, but have been unable to find more details on the story since I’m not a subscriber to the author’s paper.  What I love about this news is that a business is negotiating directly with a physician.  Does this model provide opportunity for abuse and poor care?  Of course it does, as do any large transactions.  But I am a capitalist, and I recognize that the best results come from the exchange of goods and services that provide mutual profit.

 If this holds to the definition of Direct Primary Care, there will be no Big Insurance and no Big Government inserting themselves to screw things up, increase overhead, and make money for those who did no work.  If (when) acting as a true DPC physician, this doctor will be acting solely in the interests of his patients, and accountable to the corporation THROUGH them.  It is exciting to think of more business not making physicians their employees, but contracting with them to provide and independent, excellent service.  Stay tuned, and save me some banana pudding.