As You Continue to Be Penalized by HIPAA Breaches…

WARNING: You will get into big trouble with even one HIPAA slip up so be careful. That being said, the rest of the healthcare industry, continues to get a pass:

The healthcare industry had the highest cost of a data breach for the ninth consecutive year, costing organizations nearly $6.5 million on average – more than 60 percent higher than other industries.

But at least they are worried, right?

With more than 11 billion records leaked in data breaches over the past 3 years, companies are facing increasing scrutiny from consumers and regulators alike and will likely face growing cost, brand damage and regulation as a result.

So, maybe in the future they will be in trouble because there is increasing scrutiny? Unbelievable. We, doctors, have so little power. These companies are sharing and selling and losing patient information every day but we need to be careful and not mention a patient’s name out aloud for fear of being overhead. And then penalized!