Waste Not, Want Not: People Have Stopped Going to the Doctor

“Waste Not Want Not” is a Proverb meaning if you use a commodity or resource carefully and without extravagance, you will never be in need. Maybe this applies to health care. The article eludes to wasteful use of healthcare:

“It is well recognized that a substantial amount of health care in America is wasteful, accounting for hundreds of billions of dollars of the total health care budget.”

            This statement is not far-fetched. I mean, there are many factors; administrative burden, people running to the clinic for evert little hangnail, over testing, etc etc etc. But then, the doctors get blamed. Of course, the evil doctors. It’s all the doctor’s fault:

“Wasteful care is driven by many forces: “defensive” medicine by doctors trying to avoid lawsuits; a reluctance on the part of doctors and patients to accept diagnostic uncertainty (which leads to more tests); the exorbitant prices that American doctors and hospitals charge, at least compared to what is charged in other countries; a lack of consensus about which treatments are effective; and the pervasive belief that newer, more expensive technology is always better.”

            Yep. Let’s blame the doctors. These factors may have some truth in them, but the insinuation is that doctors are bad because of it. Have to love the media rhetoric about how doctors are the cause of the health care ills. Pun intended.

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