Exploding Passion?


The article from my speciality organization’s propaganda arm is called Students Gather to Ponder Primary Care and it is enlightening.   Not.  It’s actually just funny.   Here is how it starts:

Invite 23 inquisitive graduate-level students to an event with a keynote speaker steeped in knowledge about a shared topic of interest and watch the passion explode.

Sounds messy.  And a little bit of an embellishment.

I remember, in college, getting suckered into a summer job “opportunity” on campus at UVa.  How this company was allowed to do this is beyond me.  Anyway, they would talk for about an hour about the job without telling you what the job was.   They would get the students pumped up and deflect all real questions. Then, at the end, they would reveal that you would be selling encyclopedias around the country door-to-door.

Maybe these students are passionate right now about primary care.  I was.  Marcus Welby MD was what I thought about when I pictured a doctor.  The problem is when the speaker in this group tries to “work through (the) primary care payment challenges” he will lose his audience.  Who knows, maybe he goes on to speak about selling encyclopedias next?

By the way, there is an answer.  The experts giving these talks should be the leaders in Direct Primary Care like Josh Umbehr at www.atlas.md.  Imagine teaching students about not dealing with coding, using a very basic EMR built for care and not billing, not dealing with insurance companies, seeing less patients a day, etc.  That gets me passionate even today.

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