Pfizer Wants to Turn You into a GMO

Everyone is excited that Pfizer has a COVID vaccine with 90% efficacy, but do people who protest food from genetically modified organisms (GMO) foods want to become GMO’s? 

As explained in How Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine works:

“While traditional vaccines often use inactivated doses of the organisms that cause disease, mRNA vaccines are designed to make the body produce those proteins itself. Messenger RNA—a molecule that contains instructions for cells to make DNA—is injected into cells. In the case of COVID-19, mRNA vaccines provide instructions for cells to start producing the “spike” protein of the new coronavirus, the protein that helps the virus get into cells. On its own, the spike protein isn’t harmful. But it triggers the immune system. As Bill Gates, who has supported companies like Moderna and BioNTech through the Gates Foundation, has described it, “you essentially turn your body into its own manufacturing unit.”

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is an mRNA vaccine. The vaccine inserts genetic material into your cells and you become a spike protein factory. You literally become a GMO. This approach will generate immunity, but could possibly result in long term auto-immune reactions. We just don’t know.

GMO crops have been created to give better yields. Yet, many people are suspicious and only buy products that say “non-GMO” on their labels.  I wonder if those people who avoid GMO foods will take a vaccine that turns them into GMO’s, or will they remember the purple cow poem and think:

I never saw a GMO,
I never hope to see one;
But I can tell you, anyho’,
I’d rather see than be one

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